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Friday, November 8, 2013

[Album] MADKEM - "Kola La Vie"

A couple of days back Lost Tapes favorite MadKem of the Elementality fame drop his second album of this year; "Kola La Vie". Featuring more of the sound heard on the brilliant "La Vie en Bleu", this is the perfect companion album to that one. MadKem is on fire throughout, going through a wide range of lyrical topics over inspired production by usual suspects such as Analogic, Madwreck, DroP Beats and a couple of others. EMP definitely got a deep understanding of how the game works now a days - witth free, unauthorized downloads hitting the net as soon as an album drops, the people who buy an album will do so regardless if it's available for free on the net as we want to support the artist and get the official copy. Therefore it's in my opinion a wise move of the label to release their own official free download of the album for all the fans! You can download the entire album for free below, and as the press release states - "We strongly recommend you playing it with "La Vie en Bleu". It's a yin & yang thing".True that!! TURN IT UP!

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