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Saturday, November 9, 2013

[Comp Stream] DJ OGee - "All Hip Hop" (w. OC / Sadat X / Bo$$ Money / FT / Black Rob)

As my friends and readers of The Lost Tapes blog are well aware of I've been a huge D.I.T.C. fans for years - loving both their immaculate microphone skills and the dark, sample heavy sound supplied by the producers of the crew. Besides the nine core members there are certain affiliates that were pretty much just as dope, though much less prolific, such as emcees Big Pun, Milano, and Party Arty, and producers Amed and DJ Ogee. Both of the latter especially intrigued me since their catalouges were never very extensive but everything they did release were pure quality; no exceptions. 

DJ Ogee is best known for his work with OC, who he came up with, producing several tracks on his albums between 1994 and 2007. But he also produced stand-out cuts for fellow NYC legends such as Sadat X, Organized Konfusion, De La Soul, Street Smartz, Pharoahe Monch, and Big Punisher. Aside from the two exclusives from OC's "Hidden Gems" in 2007, Ogee has been very quiet since 2000 when he laced Big Pun with the memorable "Laughin' At You" for "Yeeeaah Baby". I have most of his produced tracks on either CD or vinyl and have long been meaning to do a compilation of his work, but more than that I have been trying to find information about whatever happened to this super talented cat whose tracks were always among the top joints on an LP. But there were little luck in that department - it was almost as he had dissappeared entirely. Luckily,, a month ago he opened a Soundcloud account where he has been steadily posting not only most of his classic record placements, but also several rare and never before released cuts, so you can understand my hype!

This is truly a treat for all us true D.I.T.C. heads, and Ogee has even made a 65 minutes compilation playlist of all material he has released so far on his Soundcloud. This includes besides a majority of his placements, also two previously unreleased tracks by Sadat X and Bo$$ Money, three by OC (one recorded in 1992; one recorded in 2007 for the "Hidden Gems" sessions - though set to a brand new new Ogee beat; one from 1995); one by FT (Street Smartz) from 2006; one by Black Rob from the same year; and a couple of other tracks by some lesser known emcees. Together this is a brilliant listen, whether you're already well aquainted with the music of Gary Scott or are completely new to his stuff. So press play, lay back comfortably and TURN IT UP!!

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