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Friday, November 1, 2013


Action Bronson joined up with producer Party Supplies, a producer then unknown to me, back in 2012 for their free "street" album "Blue Chips". The project was a definite success that displayed an intense chemistry between the production/MC duo that stood out as a worthy rival of Bronson's work with Alchemist the same year. Now the team is back at it again, releasing the sequel "Blue Chips 2", which is once again a free release via With all the dope music Action has been releasing for free the last couple of years, any real fan of his music should be ashamed of themeselves if they do not support the man by purchasing his next retail album... But until then, enjoy this slamming release of hot, soul infected beats and tight Bronson rhymes that switches between the absolute hilarious, to the "Oh Shit" lines to some ill storytelling, etc. ENJOY!!!

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