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Sunday, November 24, 2013

MASTA ACE Revisits "Disposable Arts" in Doc & Article

"Disposable Arts", Masta Ace's triumphant return to the recording industry after a six year hiatus, was released 12 years ago and still sounds as fresh today as when I first heard it shortly after its release. To me it is clearly one of the best LP:s of the 2000 decade as it pretty much have it all; Masta Ace reinvented himself with the times without losing any of his integrity as an artist, without using the biggest names of the day he proved his amazing ear for finding talented producers, creating the most clever concept record of his career. Not to mention the inclusion of one of the absolute greatest diss records of all time, released in the same year as "Ether" and "The Takeover", and while those two overshadowed "Acknowledge" the three records are all equally masterful. Both "Disposable Arts" and its sister album "A Long Hot Summer" quickly went out of print and I kicked myself for years that I had passed up on purchasing either of them when they dropped. Luckily, HHV in collaboration with Ace's M3 Entertainment recently reissued both albums on 180 grams coloured double vinyl, retaining the original artwork and with a terrific sound. As I finally got my hands on a physcial copy of Ace's Arts, I've been revisiting the album again a lot this year.

And I'm not the only one, as a documentary on the making of the LP is coming (see trailer above) and  2DopeBoyz just published a very interesting article interviewing Ace about the creation of "Disposable Arts". This is a must read for fans of the former Juice Crew alumn, especially if you're like me and love to read trivia and behind-the-scenes stuff on the production of the music you regard as classics. And for some nice related music to this post, make sure to check out this terrific compilation I put together featuring almost all of Ace's music made in the years leading up to the release of "D.A.". It's called "Building The Arts" and gives a nice insight into the transformation of Ace from I.N.C. leader to full blown soloist working with producers and artists like Domingo, Gerrard C. Baker, DJ Rob and Apocalypse. Enjoy the article and trailers, enjoy the music!


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