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Sunday, November 10, 2013

[Video] P. SUNN x DJ PREMIER - "Remains Real"

I've always been a huge fan of offical Sunz of Man member Prodigal Sunn, always looking forward to his apperances and cameos; the cadence, the intendent lyriks, the immaculate breath control, unorthodox flow, and so on. His 2005 debut carried some real gems ("Brutality - The Gindz", Lovely Ladies",  "In My Life"), and his recent sophomore was a step in à good direction; it was dope, I still fel hes capable of morse.

I can't believe it's alertast been two years since The Good Sun went all in over vintage DJ Premier classics on the mixtape "Prodigal Sunn meets DJ Premier", à banker which seemed to fly righ over a lot of people's heads. Well, the mixtape still bangs and now P lets loose of a brand new set of visuals for the mixtape cut "Remains Real". Peace to Art Vanderlay for the hook-up and Enjoy!

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