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Friday, November 8, 2013

[Sampler] MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "Good Morning Vietnam Part II"

You know we have a lot of love for MF Grimm and Drasar Monumental here at The Lost Tapes, not least after the release of their superb 2012 vinyl release "Good Morning Vietnam". The official word on that 7 track EP was that it would be Part 1 of a two record set, so when that the EP:s would be played together it would play out like a coherrent album. Now "Good Morning Vietnam Pt. 2 - The Golden Triangle" is finally out, and trust me when I say that it's just as fantastic as Part 1 - shit it might be even iller! Just check the 10 minutes sampler below for a taste of what it's all about, sharp lyrics touching on a wide range of topics, hard, dark and addictive beats. As there's only 500 copies pressed up I strongly advice you to pick up this gem from Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam ASAP! You'll also be pleased to learn that this is more of an album than an EP as it features no less than 11 songs with a running time of forty minutes. Look out for a full review of the LP coming soon!
01. "The Bear"

02. "20%"
03. "Khun Sa"
04. "Golden Triangle"
05. "Caged Bird"
06. "Check 'Em"
07. "Economic Deprivation"
08. "Percy Carey"
09. "Saga"
10. "What Went Wrong?"
11. "Burning Daylight"

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  1. this should be dope!, love Mf Grimm's music.