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Friday, November 8, 2013

BUSTA RHYMES / Q-TIP - "Thank You"

With their extreme styles on their respective  sides of the lyrical spectrum, Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip have always been perfect compliments to each other; resulting in a load of classic and terrific records ("Scenario", "You Can't Hold the Torch", "Ill Vibe", "Oh My God", "Get You Some", "Do It", "Get Up - The DJ Scratch Remix", etc.). Now the duo reunites for Busta's new single "Thank You", produced by Tip, and while it can't compete with the tracks mentioned above it's still a pretty nice lil' joint clearly worth a listen. This marks the first single from the forthcoming "Extinction Level Event Pt. II" (a sequel to an album I highly enjoyed) and "Thank You" is better than the vast, vast majority of the horrendous "Back On My B.S." - the highly charged emcees last album that might just be the worst album I ever heard from an artist I usually like and respect.

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