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Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Documentary] NaS @ VH1's Behind The Music

A couple of days ago VH1 aired one of the reasons to why we still shouldn't give up entirely on all music television. Nas has always kept a low profile, rarely given interviews in comparision to most of his peers and always let his music speak for him and tell his story. And although that music speaks incredible volumes, it's a real cool exchange to see an actual documentary on the man. VH1's done a pretty fine job putting this together too with lots of rare photos, clips and great interviews with Nasir, his friends, fam and musical companions that together tells the story of the man that at 19 years old made the album that is still often considered the best rap record ever made. Nas is such a great storyteller as an emcee that you'll recognize a lot of the pivotal stuff he's telling about his life here if you're a big fan of his music. Don't miss out!

As a lil' bonus I had to upload "Surviving the Times", the absolutely stunning masterpiece that only appeared as an exclusive on Nas' "Greatest Hits" which dropped on Columbia in 2008. I recommend listening to this joint right after you've watched the flick as they together gives two great perspectives of the storyteller Nas.


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