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Monday, April 2, 2012

[VIDEO] Diamond D - "Deflate 'Cha"

Funny thing that I just posted the full version of this joint yesterday and now I find out that a video has been released. Diamond's new single "Deflate 'Cha" is sick enough to get a third post though (I posted the early snippet version a while back as well), so here we go. This also counts as great news since Diamond dropping an official video means that promotion for the next Diamond D album starts NOW. Spotted @ Crates Of Jr., thx B!

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  1. new showbiz & ag, new o.c with apollo brown, new diamond d, new lord finesse, new buckwild lp with mayhem lauren... this is gonna be a great year for d.i.t.c. (excluding fat joe's new album). thanks for keeping your readers posted about this stuff!