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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project Manzu Ft. Timbo King - "Russian Lifts"

Project Manzu is an italian duo made up of Daimaijn a.k.a. Q8 and Divine Souljah a.k.a. Shock One. As long time Wu-Tang heads they made their dream come true when they hooked up with Bronze Nazareth to produce and present their self-titled debut album which is out now. Besides fat Bronze tracks the album is strapped with guest apperances from a load of legendary Wu affiliates such as Darkim Be Allah, Blue Raspberry, Prodigal Sunn, Napoleon of Wu-Syndicate, 12 O'Clock and many more. "Russian Life" which you see above is the second single to drop from the album and features a straight sick Timbo King verse to introduce listeners to the sound of "Project Manzu". Check out the tracklist and artwork below; to support head over to iTunes or grab a CD from ChamberMusik. Shouts to IronSheik for the info!

01. Knowing Project Manzu Intro
02. International Player (Ft. Solomon Childs and Bronze Nazareth)
03. Lord’s Praises Due (Ft. Blue Raspberry and Kevlaar 7)
04. Fourth Avenue
05. Bronzeman Interlude
06. Great Love /Ft. Prodigal Sunn, Napoleon and Shaka Amazulu The 7th)
07. Russian Lifts (Ft. Timbo King)
08. Grime Bagz (Ft. 12 O’Clock)
09. The Nick Brain Show [Interlude]
10: Diamond Dogs ($ aka Cash Rule Remix)
11. The Quiet and the Storm (Ft. Darkim Be Allah)
12. Manzu Outro

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