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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heaven Razah Interview + Mixtape

Last year Heaven Razah was in a medical condition that left all of his fans sending out our strongest prayers. Miraculously, not only did he survive and wake up from a coma but throughout the past year he has been making a relatively speedy recovery. Razah's even been getting back to the music, releasing the digital street album "Razah Reborn" and got several projects lined up for the future. Wu-International  recently connected with Heaven Razah for the first real interview since his recovery and it's great to hear the man speak again, filled with inspiration and in good spirits. Besides the very interesting interview, Wu-International has posted a brand new Heaven Razah mixtape called "The Family Guy" that features several Ghetto Government artists as well as Timbo King, Shabazz the Disciple and old Sunz of Man affiliate TrayBag. Check out the mixtape and READ THE INTERVIEW HERE.

01. "Razah Intro"
02. "The Invasion" (Starring Twin)
03. "Welcome to Red Hook Houses" (Starring Twin)
04. "Lock N Load" (Ft. Islord & Zu)
05. "BK to Moscow" (Ft. Mezza Morta)
06. "BK to Paris" (Ft. 7th Ambassador & ?)
07. "Angel Prayers" (Ft. Automatik)
08. "Millennium Child 2" (Ft. Ermaine)
09. "In Da Streets vs. Industry"
10. "Salute" (Ft. Kappo)
11. "Lost One Freestyle"
12. "718" (Ft. Cypha)
13. "Brooklyn Baby" (Ft. ?)
14. "Dead Presidents" (Ft. Kappo)
15. "B.I.G. Monster" (Ft. Timbo King)
16. "Angel Tearz"
17. "We From The Hook Son" (Ft. Shabazz the Disciple)
18. "Exclusive Ghetto Government" (Ft. Twin)
19. "Rocketer" (Ft. Kappo)
20. "Pass the Halo" (Ft. Traybag)
21. "Still in My Heart"
22. "Bomb Threats" (Ft. Natural)
23. "Monster" (Starring Kappo)
24. "Lights Out" (Ft. TrayBag & Kappo)
25. "Outta Space" (Starring Kappo & Young Vet)
26. "Yonkers" (Starring Kappo) 
27. "Stress" (Starring Kappo)
28. "Juice" (Starring Kappo)
29. "Brooklyn Swag" (Starring Kappo)
30. "Razah Outro"

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