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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New ARTIFACTS - "Easter"

Two of Newark's finest, El Da Sensei an Tame One, who made a couple of class-A albums as The Artifacts between 1994 and 1997 before disolving to focus on respective solo careers. Today is a great day for boom bap fanatics as Artifacts just released their first singe this side of the new millenium. Over a hardbody beat supplied by the sick producer known as Khrysis, El and Tame gets busy as it was the mid-'90s all over again. And to add an extra pure hip-hop vibe to the joint titled "Easter", DJ Dutchmaster adds some terrific cuts and Khrysis makes brilliant use of the "Back to life..."  vocal sample immortalized by Marley Marl (or was it Large Pro) on Tragedy's "Intelligent Hoodlum" debut. Can't wait for a new Artifacts album, it's way overdue and if this is the type of sound we should expect, we're looking for another masterpiece.


  1. brick city.yo tame get el on the dip's kid.and put up p.n.s(pissed and stoned)