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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

[Album] K-DEF / 45 KING - "Back to the Beat"

A few days ago I reported on K-DEF's latest endevour with Redefinition Records which sounded damn fantastic as it's an instrumental joint album between himself and the truly legendary The 45 King. "Back to the Beat" was released on cassette and vinyl, and is now available in digital format as well. This is being celebrated by a full album stream which is very welcome to get a taste of what they got going here, as I will definitely purchase a copy of the vinyl soon enough. Featuring eleven tracks, it seems that they have split the production 50/50 but reading about the process it seems that 45 King had input on K-Def's beats and vice versa. I have just started listening but so far so good, check it out below and order your copy from iTunes (links to physical purchase is in the link above).

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