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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[EP] The 178:ers (yU & SlimKat) - P.O:.T. EP ('Acr t 1, 2, 3)

With Diamond District's sophomore album "March On Washington" just released, it simply doesn't stop here as I'm sure it won't take lon until Oddisee got a new project and now most recently the grup of yU and produer SlimKar's duo The 1978ers aned they just dropped a tree three tap EP on Mello Music Group on some real smooth shit. We all know yU is a real talented emcee but for me the real star of the show is SlimKid; I first heard him on "Off the Late Night" and was absolutely blown away by the heartfelt soul. By far one of my faves on that record, which is saying a lot considering Mr. Oddisee was the main producer of that album. Let's hope for a full The 1978:ers album on MMG in the furure but for now I'm happy with this EP - but who knows maybe I'll do a Lost Tapes compilation!

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