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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


To me Georgia Anne Muldrow is by far one of the most interesting female emcees/singers and producers, to me she's something of a spiritual sister of Erykah Badu who is my all time favorite neo soul artists (I don't like that label but just so you know what I'm saying). What I love about them both is that they have no fear of experimenting, they both speak about real shit whether it be spiritual or political topics, and they are great producers in their own right. I'm always hyped to hear new music from these two; Badu more so, but Muldrow is deifnitely someone to sleep on!

I was meant to post this a while back but it just slipped my mind, though I got this in the mail probably at least a week ago. Since I hadn't had the time to listen to it before it got pushed off, but better late than never and since I haven't seen this on as many sites you would expect I'm sure a lot of people have missed out on this. "oLIGARCHY sUCKS!" is a digital instrumental beat session released for free by G.A. Muldrow through her Bandcmap page. The thirteen track session features some way out there beat, that never loses it's hip-hop touch and would take some balls for emcees to rhyme over due to their experimenal nature. But the bottom line is that the majority of it is GOOD music, and you can preview the entire album for free streaming below or purchase the project for a HQ digital download via the Bandcamp page. (Close to) no vocals just 15 tracks of deep, funk, soul and experimental hip-hop with a lot of head nod factor this is a real good look - we definitely need more females on the production tip; just check the powerful drum programming on "Baroque Dirty Thing", the electronic atmosphere perpetrated by "Shobby Saves", or the jazz vibes (complete with african drums, vibraphones and a progressive yet muted basslines) of the album closer which also features a welcome apperance by our girl on the mic. Deifnitely check it out and support if you dig (for 10 USD you get the album in the quality of your choice, for 25 USD you get a limited T-shirt and the digital album).

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