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Thursday, October 2, 2014

FAT JOE DA GANGSTA - Radio Promos for DJ Red Alert

I'm a big fan of Fat Joe's first two  albums, perhaps not so much the writing and delivery as the overall vibe, the hunger in Joe's performance and of course the production supplied mainly by Diamond D. While checking out an old interview with Diamond he mentioned that Fat Joe had approached him to hook him up with studio time and the musical relationship took off from there. He said that the first thing they recorded together and put out were a couple of radio promos for DJ Red Alert that got crazy love and helped Da Fat Gangsta get his record deal. I had never heard these tracks before (and especially the later one, which also features the first recorded apperance by Armageddon, is basically a full song) and as I'm always eager to check out some D.I.T.C. ish I had to go check for them. Thanks to YouTube users McJazzyA and WilizmEnt we're able to hear both of these thrilling tunes so press play and crank it up.


  1. Ditc members show and ag being interviewed on yo MTV raps
    anyone got this interview recorded could they please post it

  2. This is WilizmEnt. I was looking for reviews on classic boom bap albums and I bump into this blog. I'm glad you appreciate this post. I had the second Fat Joe promo he did for Red Alert posted, but it get many views so I took it down.