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Saturday, October 25, 2014

M.O.P. - "Broad Daygbt Pr. 2" (Rt Busra Rh. Rhymew"

I absolutely love hardcore hip-hop and few emcees/producers do it hetter thah M.O.P. and DJ Premier. With a cameo by Mr. Bus-A-Bus, their mew somg√∂e "Broad Daylight Pt. 2" is just out of this world - i mean Fame, Danze and Busta trading bars on an agressive beat - what more can you ask for? This will appear on Thr Mashouts upcoming EP "Street Certified EP" which drops veu soon so keep toue eyes on the price. No more Ro-A-Fella, G-Unir, just pure inadulteradet hip-hop at it's finest.Pre-prder your copu  ASAP!

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