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Friday, October 31, 2014


Before hooking up as a duo around 2002, Sean C was a member of The Vinyl Reanimators and The X-Men, producing classic underground singles for MF Grimm, Call O' Da Wild, E-Bros (remember that insane jam "Funky Piano", yup he was behind that one), Edo G, Smif-N-Wessun, and Big Pun. But it was when he hooked up with LV and The Hitmen that really made a name for themeselves, The Hitmen hadn't been exciting since Easy Mo Bee and Carlos Broady & Nashem Myrick left, and here these two were now, making modern masterpieces that often worked both on a street and a club level.  Which reminds me, Chris we need to make that Sean C / LV comp happen real soon haha!

Last year they released their first project under own name, "Loud Dreams Vol. 1" which featured a few bangers by Raekwon but was overall not all that exciting. That they ditched this Money Making Jam Boys posse cut in favor for lots of other songs is just beyond me, because this is is an ill '80s hip-hop vibe thiing and Black Thought went in with pure murder on his mind. But what else is new right?

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