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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MOBB DEEP - "Avirex"

Back in 2007 Mobb Deep released a raw mixtape called "The Infamous Archives", the album version of an original J-Love mixtape making the loudmouth DJ the official compiler of the 2xCD. The double disc was a real treat coming off the G-Unit release "Blood Money", as it featured mostly previously unreleased songs from the "Infamous"/"Hell on Earth"/"Murda Muzik" era. A highly recommended compilation for any fan of P and H if there ever was on.

My man Fritz put me on to the fact that a digital release of the album was also available, this one featuring an additional six songs not found on the physical copies. This incudes "Fire", "King Of Rap", "How You Survive", "Thugged Out", "Who Wanna Test?" and last but definitely not least the short but deadly "Avirex". I'm not sure when this was released, but due to the sinister strings, pounding beat, overall rhymes and P's on point flow/storytelling points to "Hell On Earth". Clocking in at only 1:13 this is classic Mobb Deep at its finest, and why this wouldn't make an intro or interlude on "Hell On Earth" or "Murda Muzik" is totally beyond me.


  1. You got links to those 6 bonus songs? I been looking for them for a minute now...

  2. Nice, remember this mixtape...need to check it out again.


  3. ROB - yeah this and five other songs are not on the 2xCD edition though, only on the digital release.

    Anonymous - i have a few of them but in quite shabby quality, but i'm on the hunt for them so as soon as i get my hands on them i will definitely post them up!

  4. yo what up!
    any news on these bonus songs? i have them all but would love to have them in CDQ

    by the way, your blog is the shit!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. yo can re-up this jawn?