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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THE ARSONISTS - "The Session" / "Halloween"

The Arsonists, the rugged New York crew that released albums like "Date of Birth" and "As The World Burns" between 1999 and 2000, and consisting of Freestyle, D-Stroy, Q-Unique, Kinetic, Jise One, and Swel. They dropped a lot of underground heat through the years, especially in the early to mid-'90s before their semi-retirement as a group. Lately, with a signing to Redefinition Records, some equally potent 7" singles and loose tracks have started popping off, which of course is very welcome. Their latest release is a 7" single featuring two rare, early joints that was originally released on Bobbito's excellent Fondle 'Em Records. Being that these joints was released a good while back, they are of course up on YouTube so be sure to take a trip down memory lane and be sure that that volume is turned all the way up! Spotted @ EgoTripLand, so props on the find guys! The record will be released on Get On Down Records and is being released on October 14 so get your pre-order on..


  1. The Arsonists were Q-Unique, D-Stroy, Freestyle, Swel Boogie and Jise One. El da Sensei and Tame One are the Artifacts. I'm suprised u messed up on that one!


  2. thanks of course you are right, a simple mix-up, which will happen at times when you update quickly... the thing is that their names are quite similiar but of course i know both groups. thanks for the correction though, fixed

  3. absolutely no reason for this reissue, the original can still be copped for mad cheap and on 12".