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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arch Druids w. Roc Marciano & Planet Asia - "Scorced Earth Policy" + Video Teaser

Robbie @ just posted a new joint by some guys called Arch Druids that featured Roc Marciano. Since the song was real ill and i'm a big fan of Marc's work I had to try to find some info on whatever project this might be from. I found the video that you see above which previews about three additional heaters featuring The UN emcee plus interviews with him and the group during recording sessions out in LA. The video is from 2009 but in the comments section the poster of it says the album is finally coming in 2011; I also found a post from him @ UGHH's forum where he said Roc Marciano basically was to be all over the album (this was also two years ago).

The Arch Druids are Animoss, Don Chalant, Cadalack Ron, SP Noza and the album "Scorched Earth Policy" feat. Roc Marciano is entirely produced by the first two mentioned members of the crew. The group were previously known as Brothaz Bent and released their debut "Up From The Desert" back in 2007. Nice suprise since I just found out about this and will most definitely watch out for the LP whenever it drops. Peace to Unkut for the link below.



  1. JusticeEqualitySupremeMay 15, 2011 at 1:24 PM

    Sun, this joint is crazy! We need more info on this album.

  2. no doubt, this album sound insane; did you check out the video at the top of the post? it has 4 additional snippets from the album and they all sound great, Roc Marcy is on three of them and according to a post on UGHH by a poster named Arch Druid he will be on nearly every song :) these producers definitely have skills too, i need to check out their previous albums as Brothaz Bent ASAP!

  3. I'm not familiar with the other Archdruids, but Cadalack Ron has some good solo albums. He also was in a group back in the day called O.T.C., which I only know about 'cause I went to the same high school.