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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kool G Rap is back on May 17

At the age of 43 and with countless classic verses behind him, The Kool Genius Of Rap is still one of the most potent and interesting lyricists in the game today. His upcoming album is to be called "Riches, Royalty & Respect" and is now said to have been given the release date of May 17 through Fat Beats Records on both wax and CD. The crazy nice single "Sad", produced by Supa Dave, will of course be included and so will the Havoc featured "America's Nightmare" which also found its way on to the free EP that G Rap dropped a few months back. Much props to DJ Mike Nice for announcing the date and tracklist for this project and also Herban Lyrix for the updated artwork!

01. "Pimptro"
02. "Ya Chic Chose Me"
03. "In Too Deep"
04. "70′s Gangsta"

05. "Pillow Talk"
06. "The Meaning To Your Love"
07. "Sad"
08. "Maggie"
09. "$ Ova B**ches"
10. "G On"
11. "Pages of My Life"
12. "Going In"
13. "American Nightmare"
(Ft. Havoc)
14. "Da Real Thing"
(Ft. Heather Walker)
15. "Harmony Homicide"

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