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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random AXE tracklist, features, artwork revealed

I can't fucking wait for this project, its been rumoured about for something like two-three years now and anything with Black Milk, Guilty Simpson and Sean P is more than worth to check for. The first single that just dropped, "The Hex", was a great indiciation of how this album will sound to me and the fact that it is dropping on Duck Down if another promise the project will be straight up amazing. Check out the tracklist below.

1. "Zoo Drugs"
2. "Random Call"
3. "Black Ops" (Ft. Fat Ray)
4. "Chewbacca" (Ft. Roc Marciano)

5. "The Hex"
6. "Understand This"
7. "Everybody, Nobody, Somebody"
8. "Jahphy Joe feat. Melanie Rutherford & Danny Brown"
9. "The Karate Kid"
10. "Never Back Down"
11. "Monster Babies"
12. "Shirley C" (Ft. Fatt Father)
13. "Another One" (Ft. Rock & Trick Trick)
14. "4 In The Box"
15. "Outro Smoutro"


  1. we need more leaks from this album, what did we hear? 1 and a half songs? I'm definitely not coping it based on that, sorry. they need to step their marketing game up.

  2. from what i know we only heard "The Hex" so far as that is the first promotional single. they released one or two songs about a year ago ("Monster Babies") being one but those have been scrapped.

    but come on man, Black Milk rarely dissapoints when it comes to beats, and Sean Price pretty much NEVER dissapoints with the rhymes and me personally i love Guilty's ruff style and think it will go very well with Sean P's voice. of course we will get to hear more from the album as we get closer to release i'm sure.

    personally this is defo one of those albums i could buy without having heard more than one or two singles. gotta say the cover isn't all that, the single cover for "The Hex" was WAY better imo.