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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Timbo King: The last shall be first & the first......

As you can see Timbo King's album will hopefully actually drop this time and is to be called "From Babylon to Timbuktu"; a title that is inspired by this book as LordReveal pointed out to me. The A&R for the album is M-Eighty, who worked on projects like The Almighty album, "Pro Tools", "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1" and 60 Second Assassins recent Bronze Nazareth produced debut album to name a few. Bronze Nazareth is said to handle a large bulk of the production but according to M-Eighty the producer has laced Timbo with a rougher set of beats, more suitable for his grim style than the soul drenched ones we heard on 60's "Remarkable Timing". Timbo King over beats like "Butter Knives" that Raekwon recently got a hold off from Bronze would be something over the ordinary.

The album has been pushed back time and time again however, first it was supposed to be released September 28, 2010 but that obviously didn't happen, then it was during the coming summer but since its BabyGrande who's promoting it's been pushed back yet again - to November. As long as it is as dope as it should I can't really complain but that cover looks like a Chamber Musik mixtape; based on a book or not. Below is a new ESP for the album directly from the studio and the making of the album (shit sounds incredible to me), posted by M-Eighty on the Wu Corp board.
Timbo really deserves a solo album by now, matter of fact it is way overdue; he's one of the most talented Killa Beez out of the whole bunch, he's been down since day #1, he appeared on several Wu-Tang Clan solos, he opened up "The Swarm" with the incredible and prophetic "The Legacy"; he made at least two albums with Royal Fam, both was ill-fated with one ending up shelved by the label ("Black Castle") after a few advance copies containing 10 tracks of the album was pressed and the other ("Yesterday, Today iz Tomorrow") wasn't authorized and was an incomplete album.If y'all remember he was also the first out of every Killa Bee, and I think Wu-Tang Clan members too, to have a single out which was followed in 1994 by the kinda dope EP, "United We Slam" with DJ Spark 950, and that is what the title of this post means. A fun but weird fact is that on that first single, it says management - Sean Commbs; one can only wonder how different Timbo's career would've been if Puffy would've chosed to sign Timbo to Bad Boy together with Biggie and Craig Mack. Doesn't really matter since it never happened and we would've missed out on plenty of dope Wu-Tang style Timbo King joints; below is the rumoured tracklist with production credits (for those who don't know B.P. is the producer alias for William Cooper who also produced alot for Tragedy Khadafi under the name Coop).

1. "The Book Of Timothy (Intro)" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
2. "Wardance" w/ RZA [prd by Vinny Idol]
3. "Bar Exam" [prd by B.P.]
4. "From Babylon To Timbuktu" w/ William Cooper [prd by B.P.]
5. "The Two Babylonians (Interlude)" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
6. "High Ranking" w/ RA The Rugged Man [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
7. "Show Us The Way" [prd by Dev-1]
8. "Outside Intelligence" w/ Killah Priest & Deaz [prd by B.P.]
9. "Identity Crisis (Interlude)" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
10. "Youth" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
11. "The Rebellion" w/ Hell Razah & Junior Reid [prd by Dev-1]
12. "Tombstone" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
13. "Book Value" [prd by Dev-1]
14. "Brain Food" w/ Keisha, Akir & Vision [prd by Akir]
15. "Timbuktu (Interlude)" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
16. "Thinking Cap" [prd by Bronze Nazareth]
17. "Ruling Class" [prd by B.P.]
18. ""The Autobiography of Timothy Dalton" [prd by Lil' Fame a/k/a Fizzy Womack]

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