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Friday, May 13, 2011

Shabazz & Murdoc form new duo

Ever since Shabazz The Disciple's classic debut on The Gravediggaz's "Diary Of A Madman" I've been open to anything this man releases so here's some good news. While Heaven Razah is getting better after pulling through his recent near death experience, the other half of T.H.U.G. Angelz has hooked up with a newcomer in the game who calls himself Murdoc, from Florida, Ohio, to form another duo. Bow & Arrow is the group name they chosen for the duo and Shabazz will bear the alias "Judah" while Murdoc adopts the name of "Ephraim".

According to Wu International the duo is working on a full length project that hopefully will be released sometime later this year, hopefully sooner than later. The first single is called "Look Up" and can be heard and its video viewed at the top of this post. What label the album will come out on is still unclear.

Recently Shabazz The Disciple he dropped a 29-track street album/mixtape with DJ Extremidiz called "Hood Scriptures" that sadly went under most peoples radar. Support Shabazz the Disciple and real hip hop by picking that up or if you haven't got "The Book Of Shabazz" yet I'd recommend to start with that one as it is one of the best Wu releated releases in over a decade. Both are available relatively cheap at UGHH.

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