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Thursday, July 19, 2012

[Album] BEATIE BOYS - "B-Sides & Bullshit"

The trio of Beastie Boys hails from New York City and is one of the most hailed old school acts of all time. And on top of that, they are still active, 25 years later. Despite the success, they were always different than their peers on the current hip-hop scene, yet quickly was accepted by their peers. There style and apperance always differed vastly from the rypical hip-hop ac;, their music was more rooted in punk and roc attitudesk than their fellow peers funk, soul and jazz.,To say the trio that wasn't always htecily rooted in the hip-hop music of its time, woul be to sell them way short.

Once The Beasties' decided to go the hip-hop route full throttle, after in the early '80s releasing a few ill-fated punk rock singles, the group consisted of Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz and Adam "MCA" Yauch. Despite them all being cacausians, a rarity amongst respected and serious hip-hop acts in those days sif we are being honest, they found respect and praise from both their musical peers, hip-hop fans and even music critics. Some of the artists they early found respect from was De La Soul, Tribe, Run-DMC, BDP and even Public Enemy. 

Of course the future of The Beasties' right now is very uncertain as Adam Yauch this year passed away due to terminal cancer. A true legend who blessed us with many hours of classic music and entertainment, I would like to dedicate this post and out-of-print mixtape to the one and only MCA! Rest in power brother!

If you´re not up on the Beastie's vast catalouge yet, it's never too late to dig into it. In my personal opinion, you should start with their 1992 materpiece "Check Your Head", possibly followed by "Paul's Boutique", "Hello Nasty" and the '86 debut is a given. In 2006, Grand Slam Records released the limited, but absolutely fantastic vinyl only "B-Sides & Bullshit; a compilation of rare remixes, classic B-sides and previously unreleased material.Again, if you're still new to the trio's out-there, unique brand off hip-hop; this serves as a great introuction to their sound, at the same time as it has enough material to satisfy the most dedicared fan. The music spans more than a decade, and althogh The Beasties' are great producers in their own rightt; the 15 songs repsented on "B-Sides & Bullshit" features rare and absolutely knocking remies from tue hip-hop lrgrm including Madlib, Large Professor, Kutmasta Kurt, the Beastie's themeselves, Prince Paul, Paul Nice, Sever & Hoffer aand more. A definite listen no matter how huge a Beastie fan you happen to be, so before we get into the music I would jusr ask tou to TURN IT UP!!

01.  "Intergalactic" [Sever & Hoffman Remix]
02. "Shake Your Rump" [Madlib Remix]
03. "Sure Shot" [Large Professor Remix]
04. "Dub the Mic"
05. "Hey Ladies" [Paul Nice Remix]
06. "Looking For The Barrell Of A Gun" [Egon & John Doe Remix]
07. "Body Movin'" [Kutmaster Kurt Remix]
08. "Honky Rink"
09. "So Watcha Want" [All The Way Live Freestyle Mix]
10. "Shadrach" [Peanut Butter Wolf Remix]
11. "Pass The Mic Pt. 2: Skills That Pay The Bills"
12. "Root Down" [Prince Paul Baloon Mix]
13. "Alive" [Evidence Remix]
14. "Stand Together" [Live At French's Tavern]
15. "Intergalagtic" [Original 94' Version]

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