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Friday, July 20, 2012

Side Effectz - "Counter Clockwise"

Linkan goes IN on Side Effectz's latest promo single, "Counter Clockwise". The video is just as  low budget and rugged as Linkan and the homies in AOTS like it, as Akopalips basically just filmed the emcee spitting his verses; home made stylee baby. The song might, or might not, appear on the upcoming "Wunderbaum Music" EP, which is planned to feature around six brand new cuts. If everything goes as planned we might very well see a limited vinyl release of the project so keeps your fingers crossed, and stay tuned for more info. 

At the same time, próducer Akopalips is preparing a fully instrumental project to be released simultaneously, tentatively titled "Akopalips Now: Leaving Earth". The first single was released a while back, "Splash (Champion)", and it's sounding real promising! Last but not least, in case you've missed out on my extensive interview with Sweden's finest, peep the interview here.

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