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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Double Dose of HARRY FRAUD

There's not many new school producers that manages to impress me these days; but one definite exception is Brooklyn's Harry Fraud. Together with Tommy Maas, he's the producer of one of this year's hottest free albums; Meyhem Lauren's "Respect The Fly Shit". The LP's been out for a while now but it kept slipping my mind, so I'm using this opportunity to bring it out for anyone who might still be asleep.

At the same time, I'm using this post to hit y'all up with another Harry Fraud produced free project that just hit the net. "Cigarrette Boats" is a 5-track EP by Curren$y, completely produced by Fraud. Not as crazy as the Meyhem feast above, but still worth a listen. Includes cameos from Styles P and Smoke DZA.



  1. Respect The Fly Shit is sooo dope.
    When AG The Coroner (MC who featured in coule of songs) starts spitin' i always confuse him with great Diamond D. cuz music is also so mid-90-DITC-ish.


  2. Smoke DZA and Currency are garbage rappers, why do people rate them so highly?...oh you smoke weed that's original.

  3. anonymous: yes i agree, especially Smoke DZA who is downright horrible.. Curren$y is OK in my opinion, but hardly someone i would listen to when he's not getting beats from Alchemist for example ("Covert Coup" was brilliant).