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Monday, July 2, 2012

[Compilation] DE LA SOUL - "More Sweet Stakes"

Not really much happening right now, though I think we got a lot of real good recent ish to listen to for the moment. There's always room for some classic De La Soul in our ears however, so why not take this time to present the sequel to my previous compilation, "Three The Soulful Way". Last time the focal point was the Prince Paul era, with a look at the B-sides, outtakes and remixes spanning the three first albums, from about '89 to '94. This pretty much picks up where the last one left off as far as the time line goes, yet the latter half of the '90s saw the Long Island trio making a definite change in sound. "Stakes is High" adapted a more serious tone in both vocals and production, featuring more straightforward narratives and far more stripped down backdrops. 

"Stakes..." still divides De La fans, but fans of the album will undoubtedly found equal joy in the non-album cuts from the '96-'98 era; the vast majority of which I have compiled into "More Sweet Stakes". From Jay Dee and Spinna remixes of one of De La Soul's finest hour, to classic collaborations with producers like DJ Honda, Da Beatminerz, and Pete Rock, on to reunion cuts with Prince Paul and The Native Tongues, this one is filled to the limits with sweet SOUL.
01. "Stakes is High" [Jay Dee Remix]
02. "Trouble in the Water" [prod. by DJ Honda]
03. "The Hustle" [prod. by Da Beatminerz]
04. "I Can't Call It"
05. "Chanel No. Fever"
06. "Gettin' Down @ the Amphitheater" (w. Common)
07. "Itszoweezeee (Hot)" [De La Remix]
08. "Sweet Dreams"
09. "How You Want It, We Got It" (w. Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip)
10. "The Love Song Remix" (w. Da Bush Babees & Mos Def)
11. "Stay Away" (w. Pete Rock & Rob-O)
12. "360* (Oh Yeah)" [prod. by Propellerheads]
13. "More Than U Know" [prod. by Prince Paul]
14. "Stakes is High" [DJ Spinna Remix]



  1. Nice one, on the DL, thanks for this and all the other dope posts!

  2. Damn, I was hoping i'd see "funky t.o.w.e.l" from the joe's apartment soundtrack. Other than the video, I'm almost sure that song doesn't exist.