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Saturday, July 7, 2012

[Tracklist/Info] DJ BRANS - "The Branstorm"

DJ Brans is a producer and turntable wizard, who through recent years, have got gor some major placements on mixtape including Nutso, Vinnie Paz, Alibi Montana, Dirt Platoon and a few others. Now he's heading into the solo lane with his debut album, with the fitting title "The Branstorm"; hoever when the  Effiscienz imprint. 
The LP consists of nineteen tracks,featuring nineteen artists. Cameos are handled by legendary emcees suh as Blaq Póet, Armageddon (!), Meyhem Lauren & Gab Gotcha, M-Dot, Dirt Platoon, Shaz IllYork,+Jaysaun, and more. Powerful production, heavy verses and 1200's turntable work.seals the deal; this is 2012 true school at it's finest as far as producer album goes. 

Check out  two more videos from DJ Brans from the forthcoming album; "Megatron B-Boys" featuring Spit Gemz and Shaz Illyork; "Worldwide" with M-Dot and Armageddon. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy all these songs, and as I mentioned earlier the album is already out; head over to iTunes for the digital download or order it on CD directly from the label.

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