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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

[Unreleased] Blackalious / DJ Shadow - "Changes"

Since DJ Shadow's unbelivable debut album "Entroducing", the rare and unreleased compilation "Pre-Emptive Strike" and his work with UNKLE on "Psyence Fiction", Joan Davis has strived heavily from his original formula, only occassionally showing glimpses of the sample based mastermind's genius. His latest album "The Less You Know...", however, is an exceptional ride that sadly way too many people are sleeping on. Because original fans missing his original sound, people should rejoice that Davis has dug into the archives of his old MPC and created his own "Lost Tapes" made up of previously unreleased material recorded between 1992 and 1996. You can pre-order "Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From the MPC Era" on either CD or vinyl so grab it while you can!

Early in 1993, Shadow was part of the underground label Solesides, together with Blackalicious and Lyrics Born. In 1994 Blackalicious released their debut EP "Melodica" on the label; a record long out of print. About half of the EP was produced by Shadow, but one of their collaborations failed to make the cut; the time capsule "Changes", which you can hear above, and will be included on the re-release of the "Melodica" EP, so be on the lookout for that while you enjoy the banger below.   

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