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Thursday, June 13, 2013

[Album] QUASIMOTO - "Yessir Whatever!"

Although not a true sequel to Quasimoto's second album, "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas", Quas' soon to be released compilation of ureleased material called "Yessir Whatever!" is a collection of 12 songs that are sure to please all and any fans of Madlib's blunted alter ego's two previous outings. While some of the most hardcore fans are likely to have heard some of these joints before on compialtions and in previous leaks, together they form a structure very similiar to an album and is a given in any serious collector of Madlib's work. While you're waiting for your purchase of the 2xLP or CD from Stones Throw, the good peeps at Pitchfork has got the go-ahead to post the project in its entirety for free streaming so press the link below, and press play!

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  1. i did notice it many time haha thank men this is so cool .