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Friday, June 28, 2013

[DJ Set] DJ Jazzy Jeff @ The Do Over L.A. (5.19.2013)

There's no question that DJ Jazzy Jeff is not only one of the most legendary spinners in the game, but also one of the very best. Mr. Townes has posted his 1 hour plus DJ set that went down in LA's The Do-Over club roughly a month ago, and there's nothing but fire on here; Everything from hip-hop classics, to forgotten R&B jams, soul and funk bangers, the occassional pop groove, you name it. Jeff definitely know how to get the crowd going, and for this particular set he shares the stage with Skillz who perform his Master of Ceremony duties with grace, acting mainly as a hype man but spitting the occassional exclusive verse here and there! And like that wasn't enough The Do Over have also uploaded full DJ sets of DJ Rob Swift and DJ Rhettmatic for your enjoyment, so if you got a few hours free turn in, tune up, and prepare yourself for a musical journey! 

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