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Monday, June 24, 2013

Lil' Dap - "Pray For Me"

Remember the days of Group Home's "Livin' Proof"? One of the best produced albums of all time, but unfortunately filled with a lot of subpar rhymes from especially Melachi the Nutcracker, and to a lesser extent Lil' Dap that at least had a pretty damn tight voice. Add to that the street lyrics they spat around the surroundings, the young emcees and DJ Premier's finest body of work really meshed to create something truly special.

Since then, 'Dap has constantly evolved as an emcee, making remarkable guest apperances on Large Pro's "Main Source", ALC's "The Cutting Room Floor 2", and DJ Lord Ron's "Enviromental Shapes & Sounds of...", to name a few. He released his fat solo debut in 2008, "I.A. Dap". It seems the East New York spitter is gearing up for another solo release, and judging by the two singles so far, this is gonna be another heater.Followin last months highlty recommended 7" single, "Real MC's" B/W "Cash Flow" which you can pick up here. Check out "Pray For Me" below, produced by E. Smitty in ATL; Georgia. This is FAT, and if you still haven't picked the the previous, limited lead single you can still get it for a cheap price @ UGHH.

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