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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[Mixtape] PORTER vs. GLASPER - "Porter Chopps Glasper"

Since I first started The Lost Tapes I got at least a gang of requeststs on making a compilation of the production work of Mr. Porter. I always declined since I like some of the D-12 beatsmith's work but the moments his Music has made my jaw drop can be counted on my five finger left hand. However, jazz pianist and producer Robert Glasper is among my faovirte non-hip hop artists around right now, creating absolute magic with his recent eclectic fusion LP:s "Black Radio" and its sister piece "Black Radio Recovered: The EP", the latter being one of the finest and most addictive releases of the year.
For "Porter Chopps Glasper". Porter takes the mission to create his own interpretations of Robert Glasper and his band's genre-fusion blend of black Music that stretches friom hip-hop, to gospel, from jazz and funk, to soul and african rhythms, from vocal R&B, to the spirit of Diola. I haven't had the pleasure of listening yet, but if it's as good as I hope, it should be a good introduction for fans of goth artistl

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