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Thursday, June 13, 2013

U-God Ft. The GZA & Scotty Wotty - "Heads Up"

U-God brings a semi-sequel to 2009:s "Train Trussle" with GZA and Scotty Wotty The Jackpot for the lead single from his upcoming fourth LP, "Keynote Speaker". Like its predecessor, it's a pretty rugged, ruthlessly forward moving track with standout verses from all three spitters. Of especial interest to me is the apperance of Scotty Wotty, a name that probably doesn't mean much outside of extreme Wu-Tang fanatics like myself. I first heard about him in an extensive interview with RZA published in Hip Hop Connection back in 2006... Apparantly, Scotty Wotty and GZA was the number one street rhymers that pretty much everybody in Shaolin's hip-hop circles worshipped and learned how to rhyme from. Unfortunately, Scotty was caught up in a lot of negativity in the which prevented his guaranteed spot in The Wu-Tang Clan. So it's great to hear that he's back on his feet and ready to get his rhyme on again, so mad props to U-God for bringing him back again and again.

And now on to some more depressing news; I have been informed that RZA and Bob Perry's Soul Temple Records, the newly started label behind most of the great Wu releases of the past two years, seem to be less than trustworthy in their dealings. In fact so much that a Facebook group, BoycottSoulTempleMusic, has been started and is quickly gaining members who are complaining about lack of receivements of orders. In fact, I myself ordered both LP sets of Ghost's "Twelve Reasons..." over a month ago, and have got a conformied PayPayl payment to Bob Perry's account but have yet to receiver neither. Until this matter is resolved I suggest you purchase these great releases from other retailers such as UGHH, or Fat Beats.

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  1. Bob Perry was nice enough to fuck me out of 40 dollars and ugod out of a record sale on release day. Greedy little rat bitch. Going to go buy it from a store, fuck the dumb shit. Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.