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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

K-DEF - "Looking For The Perfcet Beat V.1" [Sampler]

Kevin Hansford, undoubtedly the finest producer to emerge out of Brick City, has released a crazy amount of fantastic 7" singles, EP:s, LP:s and mini albums since he signed with Damu and JNOTA's Redefinition Records. I aready bought several 'Def records this year, and now he's back again, albeit witjh a slightly diifferent project. "Looking For The Perfect Break" is not a new K-Def LP per se, but anyone familiar with the Jersey native knows that he's terrific both on the crossfader and digging for rare grooves. Here, he gets his chance to release a mixtape-ish album through Redefintiion Records; one that sees the producer/DJ dig through his vast record collection to create a terrific mix that is as seamless as its restless, featuring a wild bunch of rare grooves and the occassional classic. The forty minute set is pressed up on high-fidelity audio, with no shouts or stuff that can distact from the music. Furthermore its pressed on high quality vinyl with a color sleeve designed by none other than the legendary Joe Buck. Check out the complete A-sde below, and order your copy @ Redefinition for a price of 16.99 USD while it's still available.

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