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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mathematics / Wu-Tang Clan - "The 4 Horseman"

First off, to my regular readers, sorry about the complete lack of updates over the past week, I'm having some huge problems with my home computer at the moment which has disabled my chance to post from home. Hopefully the problem will soon be fixed, I got some good updates coming, including more compilations and interviews. Now I'm with the homie Big Rob, and about to catch up on a few tracks I might have missed out on, and possibly y'all too.

The first track I want to bring to your attention is another Wu-Tang Clan track, "The 4 Horsemen". Although not a Clan track per se, it's actually a joint from Mathematics' upcoming full-lengther "The Answer" which you'll find in stores and at online retailers on July 25, it got the vibe and enough spitters to warrant it as such if you ask me. So it's not the entire Clan spitting either, but with quality verses from Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon, which is defo enough for me considering how well they sound together over this heavy hitting Math beat. Stay tuned for more info on "The Answer", and Turn This One Up LOUD!!

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