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Friday, June 7, 2013

QUASIMOTO - "Brothers Can't See Me"

The strange hard-drugs loving gangster known only as Quasimoto will forever be a hip-hop aficionando to be remembered and worshipped for his impeccable two-punch albums "The Unseen", and "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas". Save for a few cameos it's been quiet from the helium addict since the mid-00s, until now that is. One June 18 the mysterious character is releasing his thrid album, one that has been in the making for 12-13 years, so you know it's gonna be some other shit right here. For the second single from the LP, Quas and Stones Throw has let loose of a psychadelic joint called "Brother's Can't See Me" which should be enough to satisfy us all until the retail drops; in fact I think this would sound right at home on either of the previous releases. TURN IT UP!!!

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