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Friday, June 6, 2014

9TH PRINCE / RAS KASS - "California Dreaming"

More Wu-Tang related ish right here, and hell yeah it's a banger. 9th Prince might not have the strongest delviery in the game, but he's got an amazing ear for beats and his catalouge is one of the few Wu-affiliates still active really worth bumping. His new single from his upcoming "Shaolin Prince" (dropping this summer) is no exception as producer BP hooks up 9th and guest emcee Ras Kass with an up-tempo chopped up soul monster sampling the classic Mamas & The Papas song of the same name. The high energized production enables both emcees, with 9th almost back in Killarmy mode, going in HARD. Thanks to Jammin and WTCFoLife for the find of the track, and video, respecitvely. Muich appreciated!

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  1. Wack, stop promoting this WEAK shit!!!