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Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Video] PHAROAHE MONCH - "Broken Again"

Just like with MadGibb's 2014 album, P. Monch's latest "PTSD" took me several spins before realizing just how absolutely mindblowing this LP truly is. "Broken Again" was one of the earliest songs on the album, recorded a long with the title track and a few others, when the project was still supposed to be an EP. This shit is deep; shortly before recording on "PTSD" started, Monch was burned out and experienced severe depression, a recurring theme on the new album. On "Broken Again", he rhymes as a heroin addict to the drug he never could get back with it but is actually an ex of his - very strong stuff, especially considering how much it sounds that he actually understand how deep these drug addictions get. Now it's getting a video treatment (which is interesting consider it's pretty much the gloomiest joint on the entire project), starring Monch and Desiree Godsell, and produced and I guess directed by BKLYN1834 - grab the album from iTunes for digital or the CD/vinyl @ UGHH.

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