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Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Video] GIBBS x MADLIB - "Deeper"

I haven't been able to update the last few days so the first few posts coming at you have been making their round on the internet already but is definitely something to sleep on so as I often say in these situations - better late than never (that goes for a bunch of PM:s to me that i'll answer in the next couple of days. "Deeper" was one of the many songs from MadGibbs "Pinata" album released prior to the release but the beautiful lush string-accompaniemnet by 'Lib and Gibbs ghetto love story still make this one amongst my absolute favorites of the LP. On my first spins of the project I wasn't exactly as blown away that I had hoped by it, but upon repeated listenings "Pinata" is actually a superb release by all means. Check out the Jonathan Schwartz produced single up top and order the vinyl from RappCats or the digital @ iTunes.

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