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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Album] KLAUS LAYER - "For The People Like Us"

Sometimes you gotta head over here to Europe to get that ill boom bap in it's truest form - Klaus Layer's "The Adventures Of Captain Crook" was without a doubt one of the most banging albums of last year. Now the German boom bap maestro is back with another album on Redefinition called "For The People Like Us" and while the vocal tracks has dissapeared all together this time, the signature sample-based Golden Age sound of filtered bassline, pounding drums, Rhodes and horns is in full effect. Consisting of twelve instrumenal bangers, Layer keeps growing as an artist and there's no question this one will get heavy play this summer. Stream it for free below but be sure to support by copping it via iTunes or Bandcamp; I can't seem able to find a vinyl copy on the Redef site but I have a feeling it will pop up sooner or later, so hold your eyes and ears open.

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