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Sunday, June 1, 2014

[Album] AKROBATIK - "Built to Last"

Right from its first and up to its final days; I can't remember the last tme I almost exclusively listened to new hip-hop music in my IPod. On May 28 skilled Boston spitter Akrobatik released his third album as a solo artist, "Built to Last", and like its predecessor it's straight-up hardcore hip-hop filled to the limits with tight flows, knocking punchlines, sample-driven boom ba and a whole lot of turntable works. It's music from one hip-hop connoisseur to others, and the result is for the most part well worth several spins. Guests include Masa Ace, EDO G, Mr. Lif, Reks, Chilla and Dutch ReBelle. There's no question that its Akrobatik and his producers and DJ that are the real stars of the show though - providing production DJ Supa Dave, Reason, Paten Locke, Slopfunkdust, and a few others. Stream and/or purchase the dgital through Akrobatik's Bandcamp.

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