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Thursday, June 19, 2014

LORD FINESSE - "The SP1200 Project"

The combination of Slice-Of-Spice and Lord Finesse has resulted in a fruitful year for East Coast heads and vinyl collectors alike and it's not about to stop yet. While details are still sketchy it has been announced that the next project in line between the two is an instrumental album entitled "The SP1200 Project: DAT Signature Sound". While details remain sketchy as of now (S-O-S writes that all info on the project will be revealed during this week), three songs have been made available for free download via the labels Soundcloud page. Two of them sound fresh to my ears while the third is an instrumental version of the title track from OC's 1997 album "Jewelz". That one you'll find up top while the other two, "Doin' What I Want" and "Moog Montage" can be heard below.

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