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Saturday, June 21, 2014

[Album] SILENT SOMEONE - "Change"

US producer Silent Someone has dropped a lot of impressive beats, joints and remixes over the last couple of years and now he's back with his latest album - "Change". The 10 tracks EP consists mostly of ill instrumentals from Silent's stash to kick back to but original Juice crew member Craig G bless the title track (click here to check out the official video) while Soundsci's Oxygen brings some heavy bars to the album closer "Retrogression (Late Nite Remix)". The digital is out now and can be purchased or streamed from Bandcamp while Good Felons will be releasing the vinyl eventually. If you stream below and wanna hear the whole thing (and you should), be sure to rewind back to track #1.


  1. good felons really coming back in business????

  2. it seems that way, but it's a bit misleading that link from the Bandcamp page.. in fact, the Good Felons release is a 7" single featuring the two vocal tracks from this album ("Chane" Ft. Craig G, "Silent Someone" Ft. Oxygen). in fact it might already be out