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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

REKS Ft. Fredro Starr & Ruste Juxx - "Unholy"

Another late update, here's the latest single from one of the most lyrical young cats around, and he brought Fredro Starr and Ruste Juxx for the ocassion. The result is a dark and powerful joint courtesy of REKS and Hazardis Sound who's teaming up for the concept album "Eyes Watching God". Here's what the press release saysa about the meaning of he LP - "...the concept has the duo showcasing a contrast between 'good and evil' beginning with a 'Gof Side' and closing with a 'Devil's Side". The album artwork features a dual image album cover showcasing both sides, depending from what angle you look at it". Sounds like a pretty cool idea, and Reks rarely dissapoint so I'll definitely be checking for this. Apart from Fredro Starr and Ruste, the LP also featres cameos from N.O.R.E., Saigon, Termanology, Dutch Rebelle and a few ohers. The album is being released on Brick Records on July 15; check out the full tracklist with guests below (all soungs proudced by Hazardis Sound).

01. "Eyes Intro"
02. "Garvey" (Ft. N.O.R.E. & Saigon)
03. "Free Minds" (Ft. FzDread)
05. "Eye 2 Eye" [add. vocals by Venesse Renee]
06. "Martyrs (Steve Riko)"
07. "Visionary" (Ft. Termanology)
08. "Lesser God" (Ft. Mino)
09. "Hold Your Apllause"

09. "Unholy" (Ft. Fredro Starr & Ruste Juxx)
10. "Hop Out Boyz"
11. "Poison" (Ft. Dutch Rebelle)
12. "Snakes"
13. "So Much Knowledge" (Ft. Knowledge Medina)
14. "Devil's Clutches" (Ft. DJ Heron)

15. "54"
16. "My Arena" (Ft. CityBoyDee)
17. "Jon Doe Flow" (Ft. Termanology & Ea$y Money)

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