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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


  I saw this EP posted some time ago but didn't play it or give it much thought, the name sounded kinda cheesy and there's so much music dropping these days so there's not a chance you gonna be checking it all unless you somehow get it recommended or find it through collaborations with artists you dig. However I noticed that there's a big ass thing on the internet whether Your Old Droog and his self-titled EP is actually a publicy stunt from Nas, recording an EP under a different name and with his voice slightly pitched throughout. I'm a big fan of Nasir Jones so I thought it shouldn't be too hard laying that rumor to rest if that wasn't the case so I gave the 30 minutes EP a front-to-back listen in headphones this morning and GOD DAMN this cat sounds a whole lot like Nas - and not just the voice either, but the flow, the delivery, the lyrical topics, and so on. "Your Old Droog" is produced, cut, recored and mixed by El RTNC, Droog and DJ Skizz; neither who has worked with Nas before though that of course need to mean anything. 
Since then a few major sites have come forward saying that they have met the dude, and that he's a cat of irish descent repping Brooklyn. Conspiracy theorists of course will say that this is total BS, but in my mind this publicity stunt doens't seem to be in Nas' character at this point in his career. On top of that, about 7-8 months ago DJ Skizz released the single "Rhyme Strange" which starred Imaginary Droog - a white cat from Coney Island, Brooklyn that appears on the single artwork and is definitely the same (check the embeded YouTube clib above). I don't think that it's Nas, but the similarities are indeed uncanny, but most of all "Your Old Droog" is a damn fine EP that you should definitely check out at least once. Stream it below and feel free to drop a comment on your thoughts. If it is indeed a unique person I think he needs to find his own voice and he can really become somehing, especially backed up by stellar production like this. Press play!

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