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Friday, June 6, 2014


Since it's original '97 release "Wu-Tang Forever" has split fans like atoms, but the fact remains that it was and remains monumental for so many reasons. If we're talking lyrics, I'd say that pretty much all of the 9 emcees was at their lyrical peak, and while it's not as raw as its predecessor, it's a more lyrically defined and well-written album than "36 Chambers" (several verses here are amongst the strongest ever recorded - INS on "Trumph", Ghost on "Impossible", GZA on "Reunited", etc.). Production wise it was another chamber from the group's previous projects, as it should've been. RZA's production are way more stripped down, with real hard knocking drums, hardly any samples at all, and constantly very well structured. This turned many off at the time, but the stripped esthetics constantly put the emcees at the forefront, and in fact it was just another chamber for the Clan. If you look back at "36 Chambers" and then to all the solo albums that followed they all displayed their unique sound (or chamber), and so did "Forever"This also applies to the much underrated debut of RZA, "Bobby Digital in Stereo"- the final fully RZA produced solo debut of a Clan member and hence the end of an era (try that album again now, it was way ahead of its time). But as the Wu-Tang fan I am I'm getting carried away, this post is about Music on Vinyl doing the first reissue of the Clan's second album ever and it will be pressed up on 180 grams clear-coloured LP times four and placed in a gatefold jacket, just like the original. Through the years I bought the CD a number of times for different reassons but I actually never stumbled across the vinyl (other than for outlandish eBay prices), so this is absolutely terrific news for us Wu Heads still lacking a copy. The release date is set for June 16, and you can read more about the product and pre-order @ MusicOnVinyl. Shouts to CashRules for the discovery @ the official WuTangClan site!

At the same time, renowed vinyl repress company Get On Down Records is releasing several vinyl and cassette reissues this year; including a boxset for BDP:s all-time classic "Criminal Minded", featuring the album spread out over five 7" 45:s with each 45 enclosed in a mini replica of the original B-Boy Records 12" jacket - it's also being pressed up on a limited edition cassette that comes with the boxset. Order the package @ Get On Down NOW!

Last but not least, Get On Down is also reissuing Non Phixion's classic debut abum "The Future is Now", one of the best albums of the 2000-decade with an incredible line-up of Large Professor, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Beatnuts, Dave One, Necro, and T-Ray joining Ill Bill, DJ Eclipse, Goretex and Sabac Red taking on a prison-like society with a microphone and two turntables. Another must have in the collection if you haven't already - and even if you do have it (I have both the CD and 2xLP) this box features all instrumentals, an early promo 16-track promo cassette (the tape that earned them the placement in The Source's Unsigned Hype column), as well as three 7" sngles from the album ("Black Helicopters" BW"They Got", ("Rock Stars" B/W "C.I.A. is Trying to Kill Me" and "Drug Music BW "If You Gof Luv" Order your copy and check out the ful tracklist @ Get Down's Webshop.

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