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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

K-DEF's Signature 7 Series

As I've reported earlier, the Slice-Of-Spice label and Lord Finesse are releasing a series of seven 7" inch singles called The Signature 7 Series, all featuring one previously unreleased song in both vocal and instrumental versions. It now appears thar the impeccable K-DEF has got the same deal with the label worked out. No release dates has yet been given but according to S.O.S. pre-orders will be taken soon. Three of the songs that will be released has been made available as snippets for preview; the song "Long Gev" is a track 'Def produced for World Renown's unreleased debut album around '94 . The two others are performed by artists that I'm not previously familiar with but they are both equipped with that grooving K-Def funk that gets you right in the mood. Peep the snippets below and stay tuned for more information about the series.

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